The revision of copyright law facing challenges in cloud computing era

As noted in the Seminar of "Cloud Computing and the Future of Copyright Law" conducted by the General Administration of Press and Publication and the National Copyright Administration, cloud computing is leading information industry to a new stage. However, copyright protection confronted by this new technology remains inadequate.

"If you are enjoying such third-party information services as MySpace, Facebook, Hotmail and Gmail, you have accessed cloud computing." Experts noted that a series of intellectual property issues will arise in cloud computing system. As for individuals, does it constitute copyright infringement when users do not purchase software but to download them? Will users get involved in the infringement of cloud service? As for companies, will it involve trade secrets as companies' information is stored in cloud terminals. Are users equal to companies upon the security of cloud terminals? If cloud service is provided to related departments as required by the government, does it constitute disclosure of secrets? 

Cloud computing brings new opportunities to Internet industry, software industry and copyright industry, but also changes the licensing of software and digital works. Intellectual property issues, especially the problems on copyright, have thus become new challenges to the legal system, licensing, usage as well as the revision of copyright law. 

As a part of the 7th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair, the Seminar of Cloud Computing and the Future of Copyright Law as a communication platform for industrial circles and academic circles attracted a large number of domestic and foreign experts. They introduced the definition of cloud computing, discussed the copyright licensing and copyright protection under the current legal system and explored the implications for information network dissemination and cloud computing office.

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