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Nationwide IP publicity week kicks off

Days from April 21 to April 27 will be recognized as the 14th national intellectual

property (IP) publicity week in China, which is an annual interdepartmental effort

to promote IP protection and increase public awareness made by 24 central

governmental authorities this year, including the State Intellectual Property

Office (SIPO), the Publicity Department of CPC Central Committee and the Supreme

People's Procuratorate, according to SIPO sources.

The week-long activities nationwide are dedicated to the world intellectual

property day on April 26, and this year's event is themed as "Protection,

Utilization and Development", designed mainly to present the significant

achievements and progress China has made in IP sector while help in the development

of a core social spirit featured by respect for knowledge, innovation orientation

and credibility.

To be more specific, the event will try to educate the public in four aspects,

i.e., the development and evolvement of Chinese IP regime and endeavors of IP

authorities therein at all levels; actions taken by competent authorities

nationwide on IP protection and their achievements; IP laws and regulations; and

the measures to increase IP quality. [Chinese version is available on]

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