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ZTE Won Two 337 Investigation Cases in Two Months

On March 3, ZTE Corporation (ZTE) welcomes the final determination of the United

States International Trade Commission(ITC) rejecting the claims of Technology

Properties Limited LLC (TPL), which is the second time that ZTE scored a victory in

the 337 investigation in 2 months.

"The patent commercialization capability is a key in this battle although ZTE has

strong IPR foundation," said Li Shunde, lead of the IP facutly, the university of

the Chinese Academy of Social Science. Some Chinese companies like ZTE have the

capability of IP operation in a road of implementing IPR strategy, which is of

great reference value to more companies.

In July, 2012, TPL asked ITC to conduct the investigations on ZTE. TPL was

originally engaged in chip technology research, and in recent years into a

franchise company, mainly on patent licensing, litigation compensation to achieve


In September, 2013, ITC ruled that ZTE did not infringe the 337 Term. Recently, ITC

final ruling that ZTE does not infringe the plaintiff TPL chip design technology

patents, did not violate section 337.

"It is impossible for ZTE to won the 337 investigation without strong IPR strength.

It is difficult for companies to participate in global competition if they have not

enough high-quality patent and capability for IP operation." Li added.

"We face an increasingly complex market environment, prompted by rapid changes in

the global telecommunications industry and the intellectual property landscape. The

commercialization of patent plays an important role in international competition,"

Shen Jianfeng, Chief IP Officer of ZTE told CIP News reporter.

"From the results, it's clear that ZTE would go further if the operation of patent

has been highly valued. The capability for patent operation is closely related to

IP strength. Only by promoting patent operation ability can Chinese companies do

well in international competition," said Li.

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