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Apple Wins Patent For Virtual Speakers, Likely To Use In MacBook

Tech giant Apple has secured a new patent for virtual speakers. The company is likely to use the new audio technology in MacBook. The virtual speakers can simulate sounds from anywhere in the room. It is a virtual acoustic system. This will give an illusion to the users that sound is coming from a different place than loudspeakers. The new system works by using crosstalk canceling technology. It overlaps sound waves that human’s ears receive from the natural channels of a speaker. The crosstalk technology is similar to noise cancellation used by the Apple in AirPods Pro. The active noise control is a method that reduces unwanted sound. It adds a second sound that is specifically designed to cancel the first one. The patent on the Crosstalk technology to the Cupertino company was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Apple had originally filed for the patent in 2018. The company said the new technology will greatly enhance the audio signal in a movie, sports or a videogame. It will add to the feeling of being there. The latest technique incorporated by Apple in MacBook is just an example of how technology can shift sound into the background when consuming through a laptop. Apple is known for offering developers tools to build high-quality hardware for its products. The latest patent will make it easy for the company to boost users’ experience the way they listen to audio content. This is the second time in recent months when Apple has patented new audio technology. Apple was granted a separate patent for headphones that makes phone calls feel more natural. The technology digitally places the voices of callers in the room giving the impression that sound is coming realistic. In other words, the new technology will allow the users to hear where people are located within a room even when they are not physically present. Apple said the augmented reality headphones will be an ideal tool for conference calls. Apple won this patent in November 2019. The two patents won by Apple suggest that the company is investing heavily in boosting users’ experience while they enjoy high-quality audio content.
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