How to file an Application of International Registration of Mark?

In order to apply for international registration of your mark though the Madrid system, you have to be a national of a member State of the Madrid Union or to have either a real and effective industrial and commercial establishment or a domicile in that country.

If you do not have such entitlement, you have to apply for registration of your mark separately with the industrial property Office of each country in question (Directory of National and Regional Industrial Property Offices)

An international application (Forms) must be presented to the International Bureau of WIPO through the industrial property Office of your country. Any application sent directly to the International Bureau will not be considered as such. It will simply be returned to the sender and any fees paid will be reimbursed. For further information on how to file an international application, please contact the Industrial Property Office of your country (Directory of Industrial Property Offices.)

Detailed explanation on the international application is available in paragraphs B.II.01.01-26.02 of the Guide to the International Registration of Marks.

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